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Step 1:

Please go to the link “Visa Types” at top of page to choose the right visa category for you, and read carefully all sections including Documents Required and Processing Time before proceeding with your visa application.

Step 2:

Please complete the application form in full, ensure it is signed and print a copy.

Step 3:

Go to the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ link at the top of this page to book your appointment to attend one of the visa application centres. You must bring a copy of the confirmation letter with you. Only those with an appointment will be able to visit the visa application centre.

Step 4:

Prepare your documents as required by the Embassy. Please carry the originals and copies of all documents.

ALL applicants traveling MUST apply in person.

Step 5:

When arriving at the visa application centre, you will be issued a token and directed to the waiting area. You will next be called to our submission counter where your application and supporting documents will be scrutinized, and your photograph and passport checked for validity. You will be required to provide your biometrics unless otherwise exempt.

Finally, you will be issued a receipt for the fees and service charge paid as an acknowledgement of the transaction.

Please note: Applicants also have the option to apply directly at the Embassy of Austria for a Schengen visa. Applicants who wish to do this should contact the Embassy for further information.

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